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We supply, install and repair all kinds of taps, both indoor and outdoor, for domestic and commercial applications.

New tapware

Want to convert your taps to a mixer? Or cap off your new bathroom or kitchen with some fancy new tapware? We supply and install a range of styles and brands, including quarter-turn taps and taps for people with special needs.


A leaking tap can be costly, damaging and potentially dangerous. We provide a prompt service to ensure your taps are repaired and remain drip-fee well into the future.

Replaced the washers in your taps but they continue to leak? This is a sign the tap needs reseating, which is one of our most common procedures. Get in touch today.

Our services:
  • Supply and install new tapware
  • Tap to mixer conversions
  • Leak repairs
  • Reseating
  • Bathroom and kitchen renovations
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