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We supply, install and repair toilets in a variety of types and brands, including combination basin/toilets and water saving solutions. We cater to the domestic and commercial market.

New toilets

Apart from improving the look of your bathroom, a new toilet can save you a lot of money, owing to their much more efficient water use. In fact, new toilet uses around half the water of a toilet made 20 years ago. We supply and install most types, including close coupling, in-duct cisterns, wall-hung pans, s-trap and p-trap pans, and toilets for people with special needs.

Toilet repairs

Leaking toilets are one of the most common causes of high water bills, because they’re not as easy to notice, diagnose or repair as a leaky tap or pipe. If your toilet makes a constant hissing sound, or you notice water dripping into the bowl (or onto the floor!) call us.

Our services:
  • Supply and install a range of different toilet types including urinals
  • Repair broken or leaking cisterns
  • Unblock toilets
  • Toilets for people with disabilities
  • Environmentally friendly and water saving solutions
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