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Hot water systems

We supply and install electric, gas and solar hot water systems for domestic and commercial applications. We also supply and install spa heating units.

There are two main types of hot water system and we’re experts in both:

Storage systems

Water is heated and stored in a tank until needed. A storage system can be powered by natural gas, electricity or solar power.

  • Gas storage systems: Gas storage systems only need relatively small tanks, as gas is available 24 hours a day and heat losses can be replaced quickly. They can be installed internally or externally.
  • Electric storage systems: With running costs similar to gas, an off-peak electric system can also be installed internally or externally. Solar storage systems: A solar hot water system consists of solar panels on the roof, with a storage tank either on the ground on in your roof space. These systems have the lowest environmental impact, and generally come with a gas or electric booster to provide hot water on cloudy days.

Copper and glass-lined storage tanks usually have a sacrificial anode to reduce corrosion, which requires replacement every five years.

Instantaneous systems

These systems heat the water as it's required and don't use a storage tank. They can be mounted internally or externally. Forget the old-style instantaneous systems – these days, they perform extremely well.

  • Electric instantaneous systems: Passes the water through an electric heat exchanger. Because there's no tank to lose heat, these can be cheaper to run than a day-rate electric storage system.
  • Gas instantaneous systems: Gas instantaneous systems are generally cheaper to run than gas storage systems and great for smaller households.
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